Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) wants to fix automotive issues, even ones which don't exist. The garage just announced a new kind of truck bed cap which could either wind up in the history books as a innovation nobody asked for or set off a trend that was major. Fitted for your Ford F-150, the Aero-X is a sloping triangular cap that makes the appearance of a fastback pickup.

Since the beginning of car design, there has been a struggle raging on between two pillars that combine together to make a vehicle. Form and function are at odds, each attempting to convince designers. On work has been of importance. MVS desired to slightly shift this idea.

Traditionally, bed caps are used for two major purposes: to protect and guard the equipment within the mattress and to expand the amount of space in the bed. The Aero-X adds its own style and technically addresses these two regions. The look of the truck entirely changes, and MVS States that the layout assists inefficiency, Too 

Pointed out by The Drive, the Fiberglass Aero-X works similarly to some Sportback. The top portion is lifted by gas struts up, while the sides remain stationary. It uses OEM has an LED interior decoration light, includes a finished headliner, offers tinted and tempered glass, and paint. It also has an integrated LED brake light and locks with a secret. To get extra cost, buyers can add a rear spoiler to match the aggressive sports car appearance of this window louvers or put in a speaker system for tailgating tunes.

The Aero-X, which reportedly starts at $3,995, is readily available for F-150s with 5.5- and 6.5-foot beds version year 2015 to present. MVS also claims that similar layouts will be available for much more Ford, Chevy, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan models.

Although looks or similar layouts have been seen in the automobile realm, the business is ripe for a truck fashion similar to this. Performance SUVs and crossovers are shooting off, truck sales are better than ever, and four-door"coupes" are popping up right and left. If folks are ready to sacrifice in an SUV for the layout, then there are people who will buy a bed cap that is temporary and legitimately helpful.