It's been a selling version. Actually, not too long ago Ford could not even make F-150 trucks fast enough. But its popularity has diminished recently, perhaps because a variety of glitches have surfaced again and again. Let's take a look at some of the Ford F-150 pickup truck common issues.

Ford F-150 trucks utilized to roll off the sales lot in 9-12 days. And positive reviews praised the truck for the all-aluminum body, in addition to having the highest tow rating, largest payload, and greatest gasoline fuel market from the half-ton segment. However, Ford F-150 pickup truck common problems are hurting sales. Here's a quick review.

Spark Plug Gap and Ignition Coil Failure

The Ford F-150 seems to have issues with an excess spark plug gap causing ignition coil collapse. This may also make the engine sputter or misfire and might trigger your check engine light. Our experts can repair this issue by replacing spark plugs, failed ignition coils, and coil boots.

Head Gasket Oil Leak

Ponder Automobile Repair technicians can also restore your truck's oil leak on the passenger side head gasket, which seems to be a common problem for F-150 trucks. The very first sign might be oil dripping on the starter and resulting in a burning odor. To repair it, we'll try to repair the leak, but replacing the whole head gasket could be necessary.

Spark Plug Ejection From Cylinder Head

Another issue we have been seeing is the V8 F-150's spark plug can be ejected from the cylinder head. While this happens, the spark plug hole threads can be broken. Ford issued a technical service bulletin about this issue, therefore if your truck is still under guarantee, our Ponder Auto Repair technicians can replace the cylinder. If you're out of warranty and thread insert repair can also be authorized.

Rough Engine Idling

Full-size truck motors are assumed to idle. But this is yet another of those Ford F-150 pickup truck frequent issues. It may be brought on by means of an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) sensor malfunction which leads to the EGR valve not closing correctly. Our Ponder automobile technicians can fix this problem by replacing the EGR sensor and the valve.

A grinding feeling or A loud squeaking while braking is not a good sign. It means you may need a brake pad replacement. Our Ponder auto technicians will assess the rotors whenever your truck's pads have been changed. We always suggest that following your brake pads have been replaced to brake softly so the pads may be worn in slowly.

You can enjoy your Ford F-150. If you run into one of those Ford F-150 pickup truck frequent issues we have mentioned, do not worry, our highly trained and expert auto technicians in Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City understand how to repair them. Call or contact us today if you want any of these issues addressed or just need our professionals to provide superior care work.