All it takes is a sofa or armoire that needs to be moved from"here" to"there," and next thing you know, you're thinking you should own a pickup truck.

Sure, you won't get the same gas mileage as with your ultra-efficient sedan. And a minimum of one of the children and your mother-in-law may have to ride. But think of the cool things you could be doing with a pickup that is impossible using the car you're now driving.

All those terrific pieces of furniture that you wanted to trash-pick but couldn't get home. Only last week that there was a great leather upholstered comfy seat on the curb that would be in your living room right now in the event that you'd had a pickup.

When it snows tomorrow and Monday, you might be hooking up a plow and creating a package. A mid-duty or heavy-duty pickup has power to spare, while it's pushing a snowplow or pulling a bass boat -- or, even more likely, dragging your other car from a snowbank.

Clean up using a hose. Whether it is bags of mulch or a bale of straw for the tomatoes, the dirt is directly beyond the cab and may be washed away with a couple of blasts from the hose with the nozzle set to"jet" And along with this is...

The stink stays outside, also. You do understand that placing bags of compost in the way-back of your SUV is exactly like sitting them on the seat beside you? And that it will smell as bad and all the tomorrows until winter?

Sleeping under the stars in amorous relaxation. Once you've hosed clean the pickup bed, then you may discover that it is a near-perfect fit for a true mattress made up with your favorite sheets, blankets, and pillows.

Versatile hauling capacities. You can't put a Homecoming float in the back of a sedan or SUV. Or build a family of snow people and drive around the neighborhood looking for your Philly TV stations' camera crews. (They come to Doylestown so that they could visit your city, too.)

Good Samaritan points. Everyone enjoys the individual in the neighborhood who has a pickup truck and isn't reluctant to discuss an event. Whatever you can do with your pickup, others would love to borrow your truck to do for themselves or better yet, get you to perform for them.

Instant pool party. Come on, you can't say you haven't always wanted to try that: Park your pickup in the driveway, line the bed with a big heavy-duty tarp and fill it in the hose. With your favorite music blasting from the sound system, icy cold beverages in reach in a cooler on the rear seat, and a floating lounge chair, you will be professionally refreshed as well as the envy of all your neighbors.