Would you like to be the first to know when each friend, family member, and casual acquaintance is ready to move into their new residence? Then you need to think about the life of pickup truck ownership!

The truth is, there are lots of reasons to buy a truck. Need to tow trailer, camper or a boat? No problem. Time to landscape the flower beds? Forget stuffing those bags of mulch into the back of your vehicle.

Trucks are the world's perfect selection. But pickup ownership does come with an exceptional set of advantages and disadvantages.

Ready to take the plunge into truck possession? Here are

  1. You're going to be asked to help people move. A lot. I'd like to think I am a generally helpful and considerate individual. But when a truck is owned by you, you may locate your kindness stretched to its limits -- at least when it comes to providing free manual labor. Here are the facts: Moving takes a truck. And a truck is owned by you. That is something nobody. If you hear from an old friend you haven't talked to you probably understand why they're calling.
  2. You are never going to wonder,'Can this fit?' We've all experienced that awkward moment when you buy something in a store, only to discover it will not match though your door. As a truck operator, those worries are gone (and say farewell to delivery charges )! Whether you've got the room to take it 25, whether you are purchasing sheets of plywood or a couch that is new, you'll never wonder. Each year, it appears it seems like trucks are becoming larger. Be ready for a walk in the parking lot, if you are choosing the brand new heavy-duty pickup.
  3. Always Be Prepared to lend a hand. I've been on both sides of the one. Earlier this spring, I drove my car to see a race. It had rained all weekend, along with the parking was in an open field. As soon as I pulled off the dirt path, I discovered my automobile sink into the ground. I had been stuck. I didn't bother calling a towing firm. I walked down the aisle into the 4X4 truck that I could find. The owner hooked up my car grabbed a tow strap and saved. If you're buying a truck, be prepared to do exactly the same.
  4. You'll pay more at the pump. I remember the sticker shock I received the first time I paid almost $100 to fill up my truck's empty tank. Sure, that is when gasoline was nearing record highs. But the reality is, you have higher fuel bills when you opt to drive a truck. They are big. They are boxy. And those big engines which are fantastic for towing are also efficient than your friend's hybrid.
  5. Individuals will ask to borrow your automobile. A lot. When you have a vehicle, you rarely get asked to loan it out. But while you drive a pickup, it is possible to expect it to be borrowed by asks at least a few times every month. Everything you do with these requests is all up to you. Just make certain you understand how insurance works when you give your vehicle. If it's any consolation, they may offer to compensate you for your problems. If you own a truck, do not be surprised to get cigarette butt or an empty soda can in the bed. It may not happen but do not say I didn't warn you.
  6. You're prepared for anything. Bad weather. Dirt roads. Camping. Towing. Hauling. Whatever the task, your truck can handle it. It's the perfect adventure vehicle. So have some comfort knowing you will always be ready for action at a moment's notice.
There you have it. Some of it is good. Some of it's not really great. But if you ask most truck owners, they would not trade it for anything.