While minivans and other four-door sedans have been recognized since the"conventional" household for years, it seems pickup trucks might be pushing their way to the marketplace for families as well. According to Consumer Reports, although the pickup truck was once dominated by men, females are currently buying into it as well. And according to David Elshoff, who is the Ram brand spokesman," household trucks [constitute ] 40 to 50 percent of [their own ] mix" so there's a demand for this.

To be clear, a family truck wouldn't necessarily be any kind of pickup truck instead, it would be a model using"four full-sized doors in a midlevel or greater trim." One of the reasons why trucks have become contained in the list of family vehicles is because producers have altered the entire body of the automobile so that there is more space for seats and space left from the bed of the truck to haul things. Jen Stockburger, who's the manager of operations at Consumer Reports' Auto Test Center in CT said that in their tests, they found that"crew-cab pickups typically provide generous rear-seat space to install child seats" making it even more suitable for those truck lovers out there to purchase those vehicles.

Besides trucks that offer more space to fit more individuals, manufacturers have also made some family-friendly modifications to particular truck versions which affect the"outdoor appearance, safety, and technologies." Maybe this is why"more [trucks] are being utilized as a primary household."

So, now that we know that many People Are buying pickup trucks and using them as a"primary household", the question remains:

Are they secure?

Now, because this question may be regarded as a subjective one seeing that someone who may have been involved in a mess with a truck could say no regardless of the facts, we'll let you decide. Here we discuss some advice that may help you determine if they rank next to the other types or whether pickup trucks serve as a safe alternative.

Like most cars now trucks are equipped with the identical kind of security technology that's geared toward making your trip safer. Here are some features certain model vehicles come with that can compare to what other passenger vehicles offer to consumers:

  • All of these features are aimed toward preventing you from engaging in a crash.
  • Ford's 2018 F-150 has the capacity of having certain features installed that contain, AEB, FCW, blind-spot warning (BSW), back cross-traffic caution (RCTW), LDW, and lane-keeping help (LKA).
  • The 2018 Chevrolet Silverado allows added security features to be added which include AEB, FCW, LDW, and LKA, nevertheless, BSW nor RCTW are available just yet.
  • The origin highlights that the 2018 Ram 1500"lags the most" in terms of innovative safety features although that is expected to change when the company starts its 2019 redesigned version which will probably have all of those features available, together with a 360-degree camera.
  • Aside from the safety features that can be added to a pickup truck, consumers also must think that big trucks do sit higher compared to the average vehicle which makes it harder for a motorist to determine when a smaller passenger vehicle is riding across the side of those. Trucks are not easy to park and need more room to create a U-turn.

Now, depending on the information mentioned above, it's clear that pickup trucks have become more popular among households and they do compare with other forms of vehicles in that they offer you a number of the security features that are exactly the same. But, it is up to you to decide whether that is enough to think about them a safer alternative to other kinds of family cars.