Pickup trucks have always enjoyed a unique spot in the American automobile industry. We have more land, more work to do, and a hunger for a truck. The sector is providing us just what we need: a complete array of high-quality pickups that match every task we might throw at them -- and has heard the public clear and loud. Pickup trucks remain vehicles of automobile buyers of each income, in each nation, and at every age, As a result of their standing as both the workman's tool as well as the ever-increasing heights of luxury to be found in versions from each producer.

In 2018, the best five best-selling pickup trucks were among the best 20 vehicles in the USA overall. In order, they are the Dodge Ram, the Toyota Tacoma, the GMC Sierra, the Chevy Silverado, and the Ford F Series. Each one offers something different to its owners -- and most of us know everybody has their truck manufacturer!

5. GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra proceeds the GMC convention of maintaining a bit more of an"industrial" look in its design, compared to its close cousin the Chevy Silverado. Additionally, it includes some features which are not located in the Chevy, such as a suspension, the split-folding tailgate, and a cargo bed. Together with the responsive and updated steering, the Sierra offers an exclusive take on the GM engineering and design while.

4. Toyota Tacoma

The 2018 model is packed with crazy amounts of technology like automated emergency braking and cruise control. Plus, it's a Tacoma -- it is going to be off-road prepared coming from the line.

3. Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram hit on a high note in 2018 with ride caliber and its versatility, stand out with a ride from rivals to match its totally reconfigured, compact appearance. The design was sleeker, but nevertheless provided an overall truck and more space. The outside didn't stop on with the Ram incorporating a powertrain, a ton of driver-assistance features such as automated emergency braking and assist, and a new setup for business and storage for passengers and drivers.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

It's no surprise so many have been sold last year after you look at the number of options, configurations and the wide array of its own appeal. The Silverado is rocky and powerful on the job site but nevertheless responsive and smooth on the street. It includes a turbocharged four-cylinder or the largest engine you can find in a vehicle, the 6.2 Liter V8 beast from the LTZ and High Country versions. The new-look also helped boost sales over the past year, a redesign launch the next generation of Chevy trucks for beyond and 2018.

1. Ford F Series

The Ford F Series has become the bestselling truck in the united states for decades for good reason, and it topped the list of bestselling vehicles complete. Make the truck on the road and turn it back around themselves and ford has managed to carry the investment from customers. There are a host of innovative features, and it all together with best-in-class towing capacities and setups to pick from, as well as motors. From leather trimming packages to safety features only available on passenger cars, it is no surprise the Ford F Series set the standard for sales in 2018 and seems to replicate in 2019.